When everyone is considering updating their homes, the driveway is one of the first things that should come to mind. A brand new concrete driveways service in Central Coast will help to improve the exterior of your home. In addition to aesthetics, a new driveway will also offer the perfect surface for your vehicles and will offer a safe place for your children to play. The driveway is importantly installed in the exterior of your house or commercial premises, and it is better to make them strong with the right concrete. Even if you need to build them with stone, you need to make the surface with concrete. So it is best to save the additional expenses and install the driveway on your premises. Here are some lists of why you should install a driveway for your property.

Increased functionality:

When you need to achieve long-term structural strength and integrity, concrete is the best option. If you install the concrete driveway in your property, then it can enhance your property value using a concrete driveway, and you will get a reasonable resale price for your property. You can use these driveways for more than years, and they will take some maintenance charges. If you find any damage to your driveway, you can also spend a few amounts and repair that part only.  

More style options:

When you think of driveways, you may be picturing grey colour and flat drives, but today, more style options can be created. For instance, if you like the look of paving, you use a diamond saw to create a paved appearance in the concrete, or you can add interesting textures to make your driveway by using the aggregate, which makes it look more upmarket and more interesting. In this regard, you can speak with an expert, and they will help with your design templates for various kinds of driveways. You can select your design from their collection and get the estimated cost from the driveway company.


One of the advantages of a driveway is the upfront cost which will be lower than a concrete driveway. While less cost is a valid reason to select over concrete, you should factor in longevity and maintenance costs for a clear image. The binder elements are prone to disintegration and cracking, which is part of the main reason why this type of driveway won’t last as long as cement driveways. With proper maintenance, your concrete driveways will last as long as 30 years or more. All you need to do is cleanly wash it with a hose and reapply sealant to it every couple of years.


When you add a new feature to your property, you need to know it will last a long period and don’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance. That is why people are choosing concrete driveways in Central Coast as they can be cleaned with a pressure washer and help keep looking best for longer. When your driveway is installed, it will be sealed, and to keep it long-lasting, it will need to be resealed every two to three years, making sure it is protected from any extremes in the weather.

Load bearing capacity:

Because concrete is no flexible material, it can handle heavyweight far better than normal. While asphalt will handle the weight of a truck or car, heavy equipment can cause flexibility, leading to deformed pavement layers. You should place a dumpster in your driveway for a week or two while renovating your concrete driveways to handle the weight, and therefore it won’t face any damage.

Clean surface:

Some driveways tend to evaporate the oils in the mixture, and they rise to the surface. Once at the surface, this oil will stick to your shoes, and you can track them through your house and into the carpet. This happens in the summer when temperatures are very high. On the other side, cement does not emit any type of oil, and you don’t have to worry about dragging these materials through your home.

Cool to touch:

Concrete is in a light colour, and it does not get as hot to touch in the summer. However, some will be in black and soak up the sun’s heat, and it will get hot enough to fry an egg. There will be sometimes when it is just extremely hot and very dangerous to be playing on a normal asphalt driveway because you will suffer burns.

Maintenance expense:

It is possible to decrease concrete maintenance by using contraction joints to isolate cracking that occurs as concrete shrinks. From the day an asphalt driveway is installed, the binder starts to dry out and slow this process with periodic seal coating is needed. Even with occasional resealing, an asphalt driveway usually will not last as long as concrete driveways.


You ask your friends and neighbours which type of driveway material they choose for their property. The majority of people will say the concrete driveways, and hence with this driveways tend to sell faster than homes with asphalt driveways because they are preferred. You will also have a better chance of recouping some of your driveway expenses down when selecting cement driveways.

Bottom line:

Finally, getting the right driveways service in the Central Coast is dedicated to quality work with great prices and the best customer satisfaction. There are many services companies that have dedicated and expert workers ready to install the perfect driveway for your property.

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