Are you going to have concrete driveways for your home or commercial buildings? If yes! You have to know about the types of concrete finishes available in the modern construction industry. On the Central Coast, you might have noticed that different types of concrete finishes are available in residential and commercial buildings. 

When you hire the professional Concrete driveways Central Coast, you can also have the different types of concrete finishes. When you hire the best concrete driveways services, you are able to know about the types involved in the pavements based on your needs and budget. The article contains an overview of the types of concrete driveways finishes available in the modern era.

Types of concrete driveways  

Though you may worry about your budget, there are few types of concrete driveway finishes available, which provide the classic look to your residential and commercial buildings at the lowest rates. The following are the four commonly used Concrete driveways Central Coast finishes. 

  • Slick troweled Concrete 
  • Broom Finished Concrete 
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete 
  • Stamped Concrete 
  1. Slick Troweled concrete 

The slick troweled concrete provides the concrete finish either with the help of a steel hand trowel or machine. It is quite common that the people on the central coast are using the slick troweled concrete driveways for their garage floors, basements floors, warehouse floors, and covered front porches. 

In order to provide the slick Troweled finishes for the concrete driveways, it needs more labour and time. The main benefits of using Slick Troweled finishes are ease of cleaning, sweeping, and mopping. When you incorporate the slick Troweled finishes, you have to put additional care on the wet surface. 

2. Broom finished surface 

In terms of ingredients, the broom finished, and the slick troweled surface is equal. Here the surface of the broom finished concrete gets closed, and the professionals in the concrete pavements services using the special broom attachment in order to pull across the surface to create a distinct rough surface. 

The notable advantage of this type of finishing is the professionals need not use their hands to close the surface. The broom finished concrete surface provides a consistent texture and has good visual appeal. The benefit of using the broom finished concrete surface on the Central coast is it has good traction. 

3. Exposed aggregate concrete 

As the name indicates, the exposed aggregate concrete uses different types of aggregates that are not used in the slick troweled and broom finished concrete surface. In the exposed aggregate finishing, the professionals in the Concrete driveways central Coast services revealed the aggregates and exposed it through a multi-step process. As a result of the multi-step process, it removes the cement or pastes from the exposed concrete surface area. 

Once the surface is finished with exposed aggregate, it is left overnight. On the next day, the concrete surface was washed with water in order to remove the cement paste. To perform this action, the professionals are using the low pressure washer and soft bristle scrub broom. 

4. Stamped Concrete 

Stamped concrete is another type of concrete pavement finishes on the Central Coast. In order to provide the professional finishing surface, the professionals use the mimic stone, brick, wood, and many other materials. 

When you want to have a variety of colors in the stamped concrete, you can use dyes and pigments along with the releasing agents. The stamped concrete driveways are suitable for pools, outdoor kitchens, and patios. 

Final thoughts 

The above-mentioned are the top 4 different types of concrete driveways finishes commonly used on the Central Coast. Make use of this article and select the best driveways finishes by considering your residential and commercial building structure and budget.