People want to install a driveway that can provide the services for a long time. In some cases, people detect cracks and some other issues with driveways after a short time. It is not good for anyone. Cracks mean you have to call professionals and pay them a big amount of money again for fixing the issues. Along with it, the lifespan of these types of driveways is also too low. 

Here, all are looking for an efficient and effective solution. Mainly it depends on the material that you choose for the driveway. Most commonly, people are facing confusion between two major options: asphalt and concrete driveway Central Coast. If you focus on the popularity and advice of experts, then a concrete driveway appears as a suitable option. 

Benefits Of Choosing Concrete Driveway 

Some people do not believe in just suggestions. They want to get proper details for inspection and then make a final decision. It is a good thing as well. The reason for choosing a concrete driveway is available in the form of several associated benefits. 


The first thing that everyone is expecting is durability. The durability of a driveway is based on the material used in the installation. In case you use bad quality material, then it cannot serve for long. The selection of concrete as the main material for the driveway can help you in experiencing services for a long time. 

Concrete is one of the toughest materials. To avail of such services, you have to focus on the maintenance as well. If your driveway is not well-maintained, then you may face some issues. On the other hand, concrete driveways are also known for the lifespan of 20 to 25 years. 

For maintenance, you should consider regular inspection and cleaning. You should eliminate debris, dirt, and leaves from the driveway’s surface at least twice a month. In case you pick the option of asphalt driveways, then you can see it wears out quickly and deteriorates faster than concrete. 


All property owners want to keep everything fine and good in appearance. This is a similar thing they expect with the driveways. They want to provide the best appearance to their driveways by using some specific patterns or proper texturing. All these things can be possible only with concrete driveways. 

You can add any kind of patterns or designs on the concrete ones. It does not create any problem. If you are installing the asphalt driveway with texturing, then it can be problematic. During the rainy season, due to the textures, the asphalt driveway becomes slippery. It is dangerous for everyone and increases the chances of accidents as well. 


Money is the biggest factor while making a decision. Everyone has a specific budget for a particular task. They are not able to spend more than that budget due to some major financial reasons. These people can find the option concrete driveway Central Coast much better than asphalt ones. 

The cost of concrete ones is lesser as compared to the asphalt. It is not only about the installation cost but also the maintenance one. Along with it, the selection of concrete can help you in saving time and increasing the value of the house. 


Asphalt is dark in colour and nature. It makes asphalt energy and light absorber. The concrete is light in colour and capable of reflecting the light instead of absorbing it. In case your concrete driveway is getting proper light, then it can reflect much more as compared to the asphalt. It can also become a source of light in your outdoor areas and pursue all types of activities with ease, even if it is dark at night. 


As we discussed above, asphalt is an energy absorber. During the summers it absorbs lots of heat and becomes soft & squishy. These things are damaging the asphalt, and you need to hire the professionals for repair quickly. In case mistakenly, you foot outside without shoes, then it can burn your feet. You can feel some heat waves from the asphalt driveways while walking on it. 

However, concrete driveways are cooler. It happens due to the reflective nature. Concrete reflects light and does not absorb energy. It keeps the concrete driveway cooler for the whole year. With concrete, you do not face issues as asphalt such as – getting softened with heat interactions. It remains solid throughout the year. 


Everyone wants to keep nature safe by preventing harmful activities and taking eco-friendly steps. Concrete driveways are also completely eco-friendly. It is made with a mixture of different types of elements like – rock, calcium, aluminium, limestone, sand, iron, and water. All these things are completely natural that make the driveway eco-friendly. 

Asphalt ones are made by using some petroleum-based elements that are non-renewable. These things are causing damage to the environment and leads to a bad impact on nature. 


Concrete is not a flexible material. It makes the concrete a perfect option for making a driveway instead of asphalt. Concrete can bear heavy loads without any issue. On the other hand, an asphalt driveway may get damaged when heavy trucks or load drive-through. 

Final Saying 

These are some major benefits of choosing a concrete driveway Central Coast over asphalt driveway. For more details and proceeding with a suitable option, you can discuss facts with professionals. Coastal Kerb and Concrete is always available for your assistance and providing top-notch services. 

Disclaimer : This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.